Suzanne is a great French tutor! She helps me with specific questions that I have from school work /class discussion. Often times in class there isn’t enough time to go through grammar and exceptions so tutoring helps me understand and practice.

Suzanne has a great way of teaching through different story, comprehension and writing exercises.

I suggest coming to class with a focus or specific problem so she can spend lots of time clearing it up. Tutoring for me has been a great help because individual attention is key when learning a new language.

Kaylyn B,  Grade 10 


Over these last few years Suzanne has helped me to improve my French outside of the classroom. During school hours, there isn’t always enough time to receive a thorough understanding of a concept or grammar lessons. Even when I am all up to date on the coarse line, going to these tutoring sessions improves my vocabulary. Weekly tutoring here has allowed me to keep up with the rest of the students and I have noticed a much better grade increase on tests. I have also gained more confidence participating in class.

Marissa H, Grade 11


I was very surprised at how much of the language I was able to pick up in only the short time of this course.  While some homework is advisable, the format and instruction of Suzanne’s course is extremely conducive to learning even if someone has no grounding.  The logic of sentence structure is explained so that we are able to more easily learn syntax.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone.  More importantly, the instruction was fun and convivial.  I look forward to taking the next level.

Tony C


Beyond being knowlegeable and professional, Suzanne is warm, energetic and inspiring. As an educator for 35 years, I would rate Suzanne’s teaching ability as exceptional. She uses every tool available to appeal to any learning style. With the variety of aides that she employs, everyone stays engaged. Concepts are re-enforced and associations between lessons are made. The manual is good and CD’s, that hit the highlights of the corresponding chapters, help students with pronunciation between classes.

Brenda O


I like the setting of the class, provided for an authentic and relax environment to learn the language. The content is very relevant and easily put to understand, also very well instructed and explained.